Home Workouts for Women

Stop making excuses and take some action! There are many who don’t have time to visit the gym, but they are involved in home workouts that can last only 30 minutes in order to provide the necessary results – stress relief, calorie burning and bringing back vitality.

Can you remember the number of articles you’ve read about how healthy exercise and being active is? Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that any physical activity stimulates a range of positive effects for the body – it activates the large muscles which are usually inactive, reduces stress levels, burns calories, improves blood flow, improves the capacity and condition of the cardiovascular system in general (stable heart rate and better venous system supply with oxygen).

If you belong to the group of women who have no time or willpower to visit gym, yoga or aerobics classes, make sure to practice some home workouts for women for at least 30 minutes every day.

If you make a combination of 30-minute walk every day with a workout at your home for at least 3 times a week (once again the time needed is 30 minutes per day), you will experience some amazing results that can significantly improve your psychophysical health. Although there are many women who believe that performing exercises while watching TV is good, our advice is to practice exercise while listening music. If you are able to focus on the music and physical activity itself, you will achieve much better physical and psychological relaxation. Pilates, yoga and all forms of physical and mental exercise are recommended for all people who want to reduce stress levels, but the same effects will be achieved by combining aerobic exercise for about 10 to 15 minutes a day with some form of relaxation, breathing technique or meditation.


Home workouts for women are the cheapest form of training because you don’t need any equipment from a sports store. All you need is a soft blanket or towel and imaginative “device” that you can use to exercise like tables, chairs, bottles etc. before you begin performing any exercise you need proper warm=up. For example, you can start with light walking on the spot and increase the pace after a while. After that, move all your joints – you can use circular or semi-circular movements. Start with your neck and continue to your feet.

After these initial movement start with a static stretching in which you should retain every movement for about 10-15 seconds.


Stretching is one of the most important connections between inactive and active lifestyle. Stretching maintains the flexibility of muscles, preparing us for the movement and helps people to accept the daily changes in physical condition more easily and without problems (from complete inactivity to intensive activities). Every major effort should begin with stretching so that the body is first stretched a little bit and get back from the disadvantaged position that it has because of the everyday duties that we have to perform. You can begin stretching while you are lying or standing.

Work your hips and buttocks

Squats are excellent for strengthening the hips, thigh muscles and buttocks. You can perform them in two different ways with the help of chairs.

To start with, you can stand with your back towards a solid chair; legs spread shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms and your entire upper body slightly forward. Count to four and slowly begin to lower your body to the chair (as if you want to sit on it), but don’t sit. Hold this position for a second or two. After that, slowly come back to your initial position. Repeat this exercise in two series of ten squats with one minute break between the series.

The second exercise requires holding the edge of the chair with your hands instead of sitting and going down slowly to the floor.

Aerobics is one of the best home workouts for women because it doesn’t require any equipment.